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Product Uses


Lavender Linen Spray          

Spray on your pillows and sheets at night to promote a restful night sleep.  Spray on linens when ironing to release the soothing scent.  Also use as a room deodorizer.

Lavender Body Mister

This product can be placed in the refrigerator on hot summer days and sprayed directly on the skin to relieve sunburn.  This lightly scented spray will also repel mosquitoes.

Lavender Body Butter

This luxurious crème is very moisturizing for dry skin.  It softens the skin for 24 hours.  When applied after a shower at night the crème absorbs into the skin and will leave it feeling soft and smooth throughout the day until you shower again.  After a shower you can feel the difference in your skin.  It will be silky smooth.  This product is Gluten, Paraben and SLS Free.  Some customers use our Body Butter to relieve the symptoms of restless leg syndrome.

Lavender Hand & Body Lotion

Use this lavender scented lotion as a face crème at night before you go to bed.   The crème will leave your skin soft and supple and the soothing lavender scent will promote a restful sleep.  This lotion can be used for both hands and body and the shea butter in the lotion will help moisturize and keep the skin soft. 

Lavender Peppermint Foot Therapy

This lotion is specially formulated for dry, tired feet.  It moisturizes with shea butter while the peppermint refreshes and soothes.  This formula can be used on your face as a moisturizer prior to applying makeup.  It absorbs quickly and leaves your face soft with no oily residue, while the scent of the peppermint essential oil naturally clears your sinuses.  Men can use this lotion as an aftershave.  Try it after shaving for a refreshing and moisturizing skin treatment. 

Lavender Essential Oil

This is first-aid in a bottle.  Apply the lavender oil immediately after a fire ant sting, and it will stop infection and pain.  The sting site will not blister and the itching and pain will subside.  It has been known to work on mosquito bites, bee stings, chigger bites, and scratches.  The antibacterial and pain reliever that grows naturally in Lavender will help heal wounds, burns, and also help prevent scarring. When applied to poison ivy, it will stop the itch and promote drying of the skin rash.  One of our customers also tells us that it was the only thing he used that gave him relief from the pain of shingles. 

Lavender Warming Lotion

This was created for a massage lotion.  The lotion becomes a liquid when placed on a warmer.  It will help relieve pain in hands, feet, elbows and knees, and also scent your room with the soothing scent of lavender.  Keeps hands, feet, and heels moisturized and softens the skin.  This is very healing for cracked heels and especially effective when used to reduce hangnails and soften cuticles.

Lavender Sachets

Sachets are used to scent drawers and to protect against moths and mice.  Lavender sachets are used to scent linen and lingerie when placed inside the closet or linen drawer.  Try a few under your sofa cushions.  Every time someone sits down the scent of lavender will be released.   Tuck one in your pillow case to help you sleep.  If the lavender scent fades gently squeeze the organza or muslin bag and the scent will release again. 

Lavender Candles

Our candles are made of 100% Soy Wax and scented with 100% pure lavender oil.  Our wicks are all cotton and double wicked for an even burn.  The Signature Candle will burn for 64 hours and the votive 12 hours.

Complexion Soap

This soap clears problem skin.  Wash face twice daily. It will leave the skin clean, soft and free of bacteria.

Lavender Shampoo, Body Wash, and Hand Soap, (Gluten, Paraben & SLS Free)

Lavender Shampoo leaves hair clean, shiny, and manageable.  Moisturizes the body and washes away bacteria.  This shampoo is gentle enough to use every day and since it is SLS free, it will not fade color-treated hair.

Essence of Lavender Dusting Powder

The dusting powder is made of all natural ingredients.  This product is completely talc free and is made with a cornstarch base.  It will keep the skin dry but our formula contains a special silk powder that will help moisturize the skin.

Lavender Eye Pillows

Eye pillows can be placed in the freezer and then placed over the eyes to reduce puffiness or heated in the microwave which releases the soothing scent of lavender to promote a restful sleep.  They are also known to help relieve migraines and promote relaxation.

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